Bulk SMS Service(Aayo SMS)

We (INITIATIVE) started AAYO SMS service(BULK SMS) IN 2011 and was first of its kind. We are still providing this service successfully and past these 10-11 years, we have made 1000+ clients here in Nepal. Various private and government organizations use our SMS service all over Nepal.

BULK SMS service is definitely the most personal and effective method of direct marketing. Its potential is just now being fully realized. In today’s dynamic and fast-evolving world, it is important to be able to reach your customers anywhere and at any given time.

This is a marketing technique that utilizes text messaging is increasingly being used by education sector, consumer brands, TV and radio stations, entertainers, sports teams, and many other large, national organizations to provide alerts, offers, news, deals, updates, coupons, and other time-sensitive information to their customers, wherever those customers may be. This simple powerful easy to use messaging utility allows the user to create and send BULK SMS to list of selective contacts or individuals. The BULK SMS utility is gaining in popularity with companies finding it a useful and cost effective means of reaching their prospect customers.

Bulk SMS Features

Bulk SMS Software

Our Bulk SMS software enables you to manage your SMS communications from your computer /Laptops/Tablets/Mobile easily.

API Integration Features

Our goal is to make every feature in our Bulk SMS software accessible via API. Our simple to use API allow integrating with your websites, system and other online services easily.

Schedule SMS Campaigns

We understand that you’re busy, so write all your text messages in advance our system automatically sends your messages according to your schedule.

Flexible Reporting System

Our Bulk SMS software has flexible reporting system which allows generating reports as per your requirements like date wise, telecoms wise, sender wise, mobile number wise etc.

User Friendly Interface

Our Bulk SMS software is advanced yet highly user friendly allows you to easily compose, manage, and send bulk SMS campaigns.

Unicode Support

Our Bulk SMS software allows sending and receiving Texts in any language. Start texting across the nation today with our Unicode support Bulk SMS software.


Bulk SMS Advantages

Area of Application

  • Manpower Sector
  • Healthcare Sector
  • IT/Software Sector
  • Hotel/Restaurant
  • Insurance Companies
  • Contest/Event Promotions
  • Tours & Travel Industries
  • Stock/Commodity Market
  • Automobile Industries
  • Radio, TV & Publishing
  • Organizations
  • Trading Houses
  • Product Branding/Launching
  • Courier and Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • FMCG’S
  • Government
  • Entertainment Industries
  • Multiplex Theaters
  • Ecommerce
  • Market Research & Feedback
  • Educational Sector
  • Manpower Sector




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